Gem Series 13.5w LED Recessed Downlights

Nichia 13.5 W LED Recessed downlights


Gem Series Down light is a high-end diffuse lighting: which body adopt the die
casting aluminum, spraying high diffuse reflectance, high thermal conductivity and
radiating materials in the light surface, adopt five surface emitting Nichia chips from
Japan, diffuse light, and can’t see the led chips, just like lighting by the medallions,
the soft light will not harm the eyes. the design of the light is beautiful, simple and
Luxurious, good heat dissipation design minimized lumens depreciation, external
LED power supply.

Extremely short response time, light up instantaneously, no flickering or glare, no
stray light,can be turned on and off frequently and be adapted to various lighting.
No fluorescent flicking, no contamination of Hg or Li.


LED Size: Nichia miniwatt LED
Working Temperature: -20~50°C.
Life time is longer than 50,000 hours,
Ip20, non-waterproof.
Basic Parameter

Part No :SK-DL-YP-B

Dimension±2mm: Ф144*33mm

Punch± 3 m m:Ф132mm

Beam Angle:160º

Power±10%(included power supply):13.5W

Luminous Flux(±10%):>>950lm


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