Low UGR LED Panel Lights 36w 1050 ma 600×600

Low UGR  LED Panel Lights 36w 1050 ma 600*600 

The advantage of classic panel light:

Regular frame design applied to classic panel light series, concise and elegant
construction, uniform lighting, no flare, high lighting efficiency and high CRI et

The lighting ef ciency of led panel light

Side lighting technology applies to the panel light,excellent uniform lighting,well
solution to glare light,CRI>85,high CRI lighting fixture can better restore the actual
color of the object,better protect your eyes when reading and working under the
light for long periods of time,high CRI panel light can relieve your eyes fatigue due
to long time working,more humanized design supplies client with overflow enjoy.
Laser engraving is used in light guide plate;improve the lighting efficiency of led
lamp,greatly reduce the light loss,make low-wattage product with high lighting
efficiency possible.
The basic spec for our low UGR MPO led panels 


UGR<19  36w 1050 ma 600*600 LED Panel
Taiwan MPO(PA-00B)
3000K UGR 6.8-14.2
led quantity(PCS) 180
Power(W) 34
lumens(LM) 3432.36
luminous efficiency(lm/w) 100.54(lm/w)
4000K UGR 6.5-15.3
led quantity(PCS) 180
Power(W) 34
lumens(LM) 3656.2
luminous efficiency(lm/w) 106.33(lm/w)
Material Characteristic Material PS
Width 1.5T
Transparency 95%
diffusivity 87%
appearance  micro prism optic

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