MAX 30M Constant Current Series

SK-STxQyVz-c(Constant Current Strips Series)

MAX 30M Constant Current LED Strip is the preferred choice for professional installations.

Where required the Strip can be cut as short as six LEDs or can be run to a maximum length of 30 Meters .

The LED Strip can be cut into the necessary lengths and wires can be soldered from one length of strip to another for installations in cabinets, shelves and the like. This is a much neater way of running the LED Strip so that only one length of cable is run to one power supply.

1.SMD3528、2835、5050、5630、3014、335、3030、3020LED as lighting sources

2.Working voltage: DC12V/24V

3.Cuttable length: by every 6 leds or 7 leds

4.IP20,IP54,IP67,IP68 for option

5.Working temperature and Storage temperature:-20℃ – 60℃.

6.Environment humidity:40-70% RH

7.Installation: With 3M double-sided adhesive on the back, ultra-thin design

8.Working Lifetime(Hour):50000

Item LED Q’ty/M Voltage Power/M FPC Width LED Type Luminous flux/LED
SK-ST2Q60Vz-c 60pcs DC24V 12W/M 10mm 2835 W:22-24lm


SK-ST2Q70Vz-c 70pcs DC24V 12W/M 10mm
SK-ST2Q112Vz-c 112pcs DC24V 19.2W/M 10mm
SK-ST2Q140Vz-c 140pcs DC24V 24W/M 15mm
SK-ST3Q70Vz-c 70pcs DC24V 4.8W/M 10mm 3528 W:6-7lm


SK-ST3Q228Vz-c 228pcs DC24V 18.2W/M 12mm
SK-ST5Q30Vz-c 30pcs DC24V 7.2W/M 10mm 5050 W:20-22lm


SK-ST5Q60Vz-c 60pcs DC24V 14.4W/M 10mm
SK-ST6Q36Vz-c 36pcs DC24V 8.64W/M 12mm 5630 W:55-60lm


SK-ST6Q70Vz-c 70pcs DC24V 14.4W/M 12mm
SK-ST6Q140Vz-c 140pcs DC24V 28.8W/M 16mm